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We have an undiscovered treat for wildlife lovers right in our backyard! The Rajaji Forests are relatively unknown in the tourism circles yet offer the visitor a chance to observe the wildlife of the Terai ensconced in the safety and luxury of Aalia. We conduct safaris in all the open wildlife ranges of Rajaji National Park namely Chila, Ranipur, Motichur and Zhilmil Jheel. The park remains open from 15th November to 15th June only.

The biodiversity of this area include the Moist Shivalik Sal Forest, Moist Mixed Deciduous Forest, Northern Dry Mixed Deciduous and Khair-Sissoo forests in the Southern Slopes. More than 50 species of mammals including the highly endangered Asian Elephant and Tiger besides Leopard, Himalayan Black Bear, Sloth Bear, Civet, Marten, Jackal, Hyena etc. are found in the park. The reptilian fauna of the park consists of lizards, snakes and tortoise. The area is also known for its rich population of Pythons, Cobras and King Cobra. The rivers of the Park are rich in aqua fauna like Golden Mahaseer and other fishes. Over 315 species of birds have been reportedly spotted here.

Tiger Safari at Rajaji Tiger Reserve

tiger safari

The Rajaji Tiger Reserve is the 48th tiger reserve of India. Being declared a tiger reserve only in recent years this park does not see too many tourists as they head to the popular, well known parks. The tiger population of Rajaji has been on the upswing primarily due to migration from the neighboring Corbett National Park which adjoins its eastern border. For those looking for an opportunity to spot these elusive, majestic cats this lesser known park offers a forest safari that is easier to book at the last minute than the other well known parks of India.

Elephant Safari at Rajaji National Park

Elephant Safari

Introduced recently at Chila, the elephant safari allows visitors to explore the park on the backs of these majestic beasts. Get a feel of how the Rajahs and Colonial administrators did hunting in these forests riding elephants. These lovely animals can take you to places where a vehicle cannot and a ride on them is a truly unique experience. Only limited seats are available.

Swamp Deer Safari

Swamp Deer Safari

The Indian Swamp deer (Cervus Duvaucelii) is a rare and elusive animal that survives in a very specific habitat, a marshy swamp. The Zhilmil Jheel, a 155 hectare swamp, 8 km from Aalia, offers a chance to see the only surviving herd of swamp deer in Uttrakhand from a well situated watch tower in its periphery. Other deer species like Chital, Sambar and Barking deer and animals like Elephant, Nilgai, Leopard and occasionally Tiger are also seen in the area. There is Crocodile point at a water body in the jungle. The site is also of interest to bird watchers.

Bird Watching at Rajaji National Park

Bird Watching

The Park and its peripheral areas are rich in picturesque beauty and biodiversity. Over 315 bird’s species, both resident and migrant have been recorded. Well known migratory birds include Gulls, Mallards, Teals and Shellducks that visit the water bodies of the Ganges. The resident Birds include Pea Fowl, Jungle Fowl, different Parakeets, Woodpeckers, Kingfishers, Thrushes, Warblers, Barbets and Finches etc. Great Pied Hornbill occupies a place of pride among the different Hornbills found in the Park. Nature walks are conducted by the resort's naturalists in the periphery of the Rajaji Park.