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Aalia in Outlook Traveller - September 2015

Checking into my woodfloored room felt...unexpectedly like a homecoming. After all, I had walked along a pathway curving around a *champa (Plumeria) tree in a pebbled courtyard; past a glass-panelled and nicely stocked library; and up the stairs...

Aalia on the Ganges, Haridwar

If a holiday isn't a holiday unless you've scared yourself senseless jungle trails, bungee Jumping, Sky Diving, Abseiling, Rock Climbing, rafting are just some of the things which are at arm's length from Aalia Resort, a perfect weekend getaway...

12 Top Himalayan Spa Resorts

The only luxury resort to be situated on the banks of the Ganges river in Haridwar (albeit around 10 kilometers from the hectic city), Aalia's soothing slate buildings are also close to Rajaji National Park. Most of its suites have huge private terraces, and there's also a 4,150 square foot...

Aalia - on the bank of Ganga

Aalia, the resort along the holy waters of the Ganga in Haridwar, is spread out on a large piece of green patch near a tiny village that barely makes its presence felt. There are cottages big enough for a large family; each A cottage can be further split into individual rooms for guests. Each room has a view to the large expanse outside – a view of the Ganga and the Nature surrounding it. The beauty of the resort lies in its location ; it is not stuck in the crowds of the town, but is a splinter away into the green belt.

An unconventional trip to haridwar

Haridwar is not exactly a destination you think of when you look for weekend getaway options near the capital city. Aalia Resort in Haridwar gives you a reason to pick the city for your next holiday. Abhinav Sahni tell us more about the resort and the destination.

The Fashion Report & Our Feature on The Aalia Resort

One month in the small but beautiful town of Rishikesh can seem like a lifetime, we weren't sick and tired of the lifestyle here just yet but we were interested in exploring some of the neighbouring towns.
We came across the city of Haridwar on our travels and the luxurious Aalia Resort & Spa came highly recommended to us. I touched base with the General Manager Dheeraj Chauhan at the resort and he kindly invited Emma & I to spend the night on the resort.

An Unconventional Holiday in Haridwar at Aalia Resort

There are unexplored destinations. Then there are unconventional ways of seeing a much explored place.
When we told our friends we were off to Haridwar for a weekend getaway, the reactions were all predictable. The holy land is, after all, no place to enjoy a luxurious, adventurous break. Allow us to present an alternative Haridwar to you.

Aalia in Savvy Magazine

Aalia Resort is the perfect place for a peaceful, romantic holiday for you and your loved one. I whisper in awe as I step into Aalia Resort in Haridwar. Located just seven kms from the Rajaji National Park and eight kms from the sacred ghats of Harki Pauri in Haridwar.

Pamper your soul at The Aalia

With the fairly new Aalia Resort in Haridwar, you are in for a one of a kind treat. A luxurious sojourn with the pleasant gushing of the Ganges in the backdrop- just what you need to re-energize yourself in physical as well as spiritual sense.

Experience divine luxury at The Aalia, Haridwar

Ever winced at the idea of taking the customary family trip to the Ganges, with over enthusiastic in-laws for a holy dip, there's good news for you! The Aalia Haridwar, a luxury boutique resort brings you world class hospitality that wonderfully combines a tranquil luxurious holiday along with spirituality and divinity.

Resort Time in Hills

The heydays of Mussoorie were heady times with the creme d la creme of society headed to its stately homes annually in summer. For the discrening traveller, the charms of newly minted hill resort getaway disappeared with the departing English. The town has since linngered on as a popular destination, but the grandeur has long gone.

A Riverside Romance

A drive through a narrow lane running through perfectly pretty pastoral scenery leads you to the white gates of the Aalia Hotel and Resort. The property, set in the village of Shyampur and 10km from Haridwar, is a great luxurious and peaceful option to stay at while visiting the town or for long weekends from Delhi. Though we might mention, there are other ways to get here than driving down - you can arrive in style in a chopper and land straight on to their private helipad.

Aalia Resort: Rockstar in the Holy Land

The green expanse gives way to the narrow lanes dotted with temples that lead to the tranquil haven in the middle of nowhere- Aalia on the Ganges. Aalia Resort's address -Shyampur Noamabad, near Rajaji National Park, Haridwar- gives out nothing about its character. So wait don't pass it off as just another hotel for the pilgrim traveller, we have got you the real story of this gem of a hotel.

Plan, pack and get out there!

Aalia is a secret hidden deep in the quiet countryside of Haridwar. About 12 kilometres away from the city, this beautiful property provides the perfect solace to those looking to find peace away from the metropolitans. Aalia is one of the only few luxury hotels in Haridwar, with its 12 villas fully equipped with modern amenities and perfectly manicured gardens.

AALIA RESORT: Home away from home

A resort in Haridwar? Haridwar, at the foothills of the Himalayas in Uttarakhand? A destination where only those advancing in years go? Isn't Haridwar is known for seedy hotels that sit cheek by jowl? Yes, yes, maybe and yes. Well, my first efforts at arousing the interest of companions to accompany me to what is regarded to one of the holier sites of Hinduism and once-in-12-years host of the mega Kumbh Mela elicited no interest at all! Incredulous looks seemed to be the dominant reaction my near...

Aalia in Mandate

Situated right on the banks of the Ganges River, Aalia Resort, is a sharp contrast to the busy and culturally rich Haridwar. Viraj Sawant recounts his short stay at the luxury boutique resort...

India Today Travel Plus

On my first trip to Haridwar I was looking forward to an adventure and some real R&R. A time to reflect on life and be pampered a little. But I wasn’t going to find this in the hustle bustle of the holy town. My destination was 12 km outside Haridwar at the Aalia Hotel & Resort, run by the friendly and ever smiling manager Dheeraj Chauhan and his staff...

The Ideal Home and Garden

The moment you have a conversation about Haridwar, the first thing that is bound to strike you is the historical value attached to the place. The place casts a magic spell the moment you tread its way proceeding towards the hills beyond...